Let’s soar…

6 Aug

If you saw the video below, you know that my husband just recorded his new single, Soar. But I didn’t post his video just to show you my Mr. Right (although I am very proud of him! : ) I just love the lyrics of this song, especially the ones below:

Dear Lord, sometimes I feel like these wings were clipped and I’m fallin’

fightin’ to fly, heading in the wrong direction

The things I tried that kept me soarin’ for a moment

are pulling me down, down

So what I”m saying, what I’m praying:

I need more than just a way out; I need more than just a way through

I can’t make it alone; I can’t soar without You

I need more than just a rescue; I need more than just a breakthrough

I can’t make it alone; I can’t soar without You

I want to soar…I want to soar…

And don’t we all want to soar? To feel free and fly high above all the noise & distractions? To be a success and “make it” in life, whatever that means to us? To Julia, the main character in our novel series, it meant finally having a boyfriend. So she did things her way and did soar for awhile…until Jay showed his true colors and her romantic dream came crashing down. (novel 1)  Julia eventually learned two important things: 1) She could only soar for awhile on her own. 2) She needed more in life than just a good-looking boyfriend; she needed Jesus as her first love. Because He loved her more than anyone else. He knew what was best for her in every area and season of her life. He could help her soar as the woman she was created to be, whether or not her Mr. Right was in the picture yet.

So how about us? Is Jesus our first love? Or are we trying to soar in life in ways that are really toxic? Are we fighting to fly, making choices that are actually bringing us down, causing us to go in the wrong direction?

Second verse of the song:

I’m tired of draggin’ my feet with my ideas and answers

I will listen to Your voice

And as I wait for Your direction

Renew me, revive me once again…

For some of us, we need to make a change. To ask Jesus to be our first love, to help us. For others, we simply need God to renew us in some way, revive the trust and faith that was once there. Because our Heavenly Father loves us more than we could ever imagine! He gives all of us character, skills, and important dreams. If we try to make things happen on our own, we might soar for a moment…but only a moment. When we listen to His voice, we’ll soar and go the distance! Let’s soar together!

Hope this encouraged you today. : ) Have a great week remembering that you are loved—and you are not alone!



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