The Perfect Guy

14 Oct

I love the video this week from Shelby! I appreciate her honesty about being in a relationship she realized wasn’t God’s best for her. The question at that point always becomes: so what do I do about it?

Sometimes we’re tempted to stay in a toxic relationship because it’s comfortable. We cannot imagine being this close to anyone else in the way we are with this person (even when we know it’s not right). Sometimes the fear of what could happen (like being alone) outweighs the genuine problems this relationship brings. Or we think that if we marry this person, issues will melt away and things will work out fine. But if we’re honest, deep down we know that’s not true. In fact, chances are, if he’s not treating you right before you’re married when his incentive to win you is the highest, you’re in for some real trouble after you say “I do” for a lifetime.

Shelby said she was trusting God to bring her the perfect guy at the right time. We all know that no one (besides Jesus) is actually perfect. Everybody has flaws and imperfections, including us! But what I think she meant is that it’s about finding someone who is a perfect match for us. At least, as perfect as we can get this side of heaven. ; ) Simply put: it’s about trusting God to bring us together with someone whose values and life goals match ours. Whose relationship with Christ is valued and growing. Whose flaws and imperfections are ones we can live with (like sometimes showing up late vs/ major issues like verbal abuse or a contempt for God).

It can be incredibly hard to bring our relationships to the cross and risk starting over. But it’s much more painful in the long run to continue in an unhealthy relationship that doesn’t value you, abuses you, or simply frustrates you as you “hope” for significant issues to someday turn around. Jesus really does have something better for you!

Shelby said Julia’s story encouraged her to believe for God’s plan for her life regarding relationships. Let Julia’s experience do the same for you! If you know you need to end a wrong relationship before you’re married, don’t try to do something like this by yourself. Link arms with someone you trust who can help you stay strong when (like Julia with Jay) your mind only remembers the good parts. It may not be easy, but you’ll be forever grateful you trusted God more than yourself!

Please know I’m praying for you this week (whether or not I know your name : ).

Hang in there! Because you are loved—and you are not alone!



2 Responses to “The Perfect Guy”

  1. Denise June 22, 2012 at 9:01 am #

    Awesome response Lisa. So true! I am thankful in the long run former relationships did not go forward. God has His best in safe keeping for us as we only press forward to Him & His blessings!

  2. mrrightseries June 25, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    @Denise: Well said, Denise! Thanks for adding your thoughts on this post! : )

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