Your Story Counts!

31 Oct

Ever noticed that girls with curly hair are often complimenting those with straight hair and vice versa? The same goes with blondes & brunettes, those short & tall, etc. We tend to see the beauty in others but sometimes have a harder time seeing it in ourselves. But it’s there! We all have beauty and strengths that make us unique.

Sometimes the same thing happens with our life story. We look at someone else and say, “My story isn’t as interesting as theirs is. I’ve been a Christian since I was four, no dynamic events or changes to share, just learning about God and loving Him my whole life. Who wants to hear that?”  Or we say, “My story is such a complicated one. I’ve made so many mistakes in life. Who would want to listen to me?”  We miss the beauty and preciousness that is in us!

I went to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta recently, and one of the speakers was talking about simply “pouring your cup out” to those around you. Not having all the answers or being an expert before you give into someone’s life. Just sharing what’s in your cup, what you’ve learned and understand so far, whatever you have to give right now.

Lynette Lewis, author of Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos and co-founder of Stop Child Trafficking Now, says a phrase that I love. She says, “My story—His glory.” Because whatever your story is, it counts! It’s precious and valuable because you are! So whatever your story may be, use it in some way for His glory. As you see it help and encourage others, you’ll come to realize just how special it is!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my story as told in PFT Magazine, June 2010. Hope you enjoy it!

Much love,


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2 Responses to “Your Story Counts!”

  1. Stephanie October 31, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    Love this Lisa. I also saw someone say recently that complimenting others or sharing in their joy or success can NOT take anything away from yours. Sounds so easy but I have to remember this sometimes!


    • mrrightseries November 1, 2011 at 10:39 am #

      Great thought, Steph! Thanks so much for sharing it.

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