Right Before Your Eyes

3 Nov

If you read my story in a previous post, you know why I have such a passion to reach out to teen girls and single women. Hopefully, the Mr. Right Series will help readers avoid making mistakes like mine as a young woman. The foolish things I chose to do were due to ignorance, fear, and secrecy. Because I believed my worth and value depended on a man’s love, I was willing to do anything to keep from losing my boyfriend’s love when he wanted me to elope with him. If I had been honest with my parents about my situation, they could have opened my eyes to his selfish motives. Nobody stood to benefit from his plan but him. I didn’t have the maturity to see that then.

When your emotions are invested in a situation, you don’t always see the true picture. Things can get a little blurry, so share what’s going on in your life with people you can trust (parents, leaders, or mentors in your church). They will support you as you make good choices and help you see when a bad choice is right before your eyes!



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