Kisses from Heaven

7 Nov

Psalm 37:23 (NLT) The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.

A few years ago, we had a small fenced-in area in our backyard, and for some crazy reason, we decided to put pea gravel under a large tree out there. When autumn came, all of those tree’s leaves fell down onto the gravel. I remember standing there, looking at all those leaves, wondering how in the world I was going to rake them out of there without scraping tons of pea gravel into the grass. I envisioned a huge mess ahead of me. (Why I didn’t think to simply use a LEAF BLOWER, I have no idea!) I simply shook my head and sighed, “Okay, Lord, I need an inspired idea. Please help me get those leaves out of there…”

I walked back inside, got busy with the kids, and forgot all about it.  (Easy to do when you have four little ones!) The very next day, there was a huge windstorm. When I walked into the backyard the day after, no joke, virtually every leaf had blown out of that pea gravel and was piled in the corner of the fenced-in area! All those leaves were just waiting for me to bag them and take them to the curb!  My jaw dropped, and I was reminded of my small, unofficial prayer, me just sharing my thoughts with the Lord. I was blown away that this situation was totally taken care of!

Am I saying that God sent that windstorm just for me? Well, I like to think so, but whether He sent it or just used it, it was a kiss from heaven reminding me that God cares about even the little things in our lives, that as we give everything to Him, big and small, He takes care of us.

Are all my problems solved so quickly and easily? I wish! No, I’ve shed some tears and fought some battles since then. But do kisses from heaven like this remind me of God’s love and care, encouraging me to trust Him more and more? Absolutely.

This week I again encourage you to share your heart with God about everything, whether it seems important or not. He knows what you’re facing at school, work, in your family, whatever. He actually understands what’s going on better than you do! Know that as you spend time with the Lord, He’ll love, teach, and strengthen you so you can face whatever comes both today and tomorrow. So you can face it together as you walk out His plan for your life.

And like He does with me, He’ll give you little kisses from heaven to let you know how incredibly special you are to Him, that the seemingly small stuff is important to Him, too, especially when you share it with Him.

Much love,


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