Soar Now

14 Nov

Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

Two summers ago, my family and I vacationed with friends on a beautiful lake in Michigan. The big news on the lake? Parent eagles had built a nest for their two eaglets in one of the shoreline trees. The question in everyone’s mind: would the eagle family stay once the babies had grown? Was there really enough food on the lake to feed four adult eagles? Probably not.

All week I watched the parent eagles soar through the air (very cool to see, by the way!). When I got home, I realized something. Even though the parents were probably only at that lake for a season, while their babies grew, they still soared, being who they were created to be. Their waiting period was still a time to soar.

Then I thought about us. Sometimes we have a great dream ahead of us, but we’re waiting for the right timing, for God’s timing. We sometimes think, “I’ll really soar when I’m in that season of my life!” But I want to encourage you to soar now!

Are you hoping to go to college someday? Is that your dream? Well, soar now while you’re still in high school! God has great adventures for you now, not just later. Go on a mission trip and see just how much the world needs you! Or just as importantly, scan the halls at school. The girls you see truly need you. They need Christ in you!

Is your dream to get married one day? Great! But soar now while you’re single. There are some great experiences you could be having now—touching people in your community, traveling the globe with the Gospel, following whatever call God has on your life. What’s your God-passion? Ask God to show you how to put it to His use. There’s nothing more fulfilling than doing what you know God made you to do.  Soaring now will not keep you from soaring later!

Really, it’s the waiting on God every day (spending time with Him, learning to trust Him, listening to what He’s saying to us in the Bible) that strengthens & inspires us to soar throughout our entire lives, in some way, in every season. God has so much more for us than we realize. Open up your heart to what that means for you today.

Much love,


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