Sans Makeup???

8 Dec

Today I saw an article I thought would be great to pass on to you. Not because I think you need the makeup tips (although we girls do love those ; ), but because I was struck by this young woman’s willingness to be vulnerable in order to help others.

In this interview on Good Morning America, teenage model Cassandra Bankson talks about her YouTube-sensation videos in which she reveals her just-out-of-the-shower, early morning face—sans makeup.

Many of us would cringe at pulling our hair back and presenting our naked faces on the world wide web (I mean, can we at least throw on a little lip gloss first?), but Cassandra has perhaps more reason to be wary: She battles severe acne, which has become her greatest insecurity due to all the ridicule she’s endured.

So why, now that she’s mastered the art of concealing this insecurity, would she let the whole world know about it?  In her words: “I thought if it helped one person, one girl, or even one guy who was in the same condition, it would be worth it.

As I listened to this interview, a few questions came to mind:

How comfortable are we with revealing our flaws, sharing our battles, and helping others with the lessons we’ve learned?

What are we most concerned with: looking good in front of others or reaching out to hurting people around us?

At the end of the segment, the interviewer asks Cassandra what her message would be to a teen listening to the broadcast. The first sentence of her response: “I know exactly where you are. I’ve been in your shoes, and there is hope.”

I love her answer because it sums up one of our main reasons for writing the Mr. Right Series! We want you to see that you are not alone, that other women have been through the very things you have, faced the very same situations you face today. Like Cassandra said, they’ve been in your shoes, and there is Hope.

God loves you so much, and if you’ll trust Him and reach out, He’ll bring others alongside you to help you in life. He’s brought you to our blog, for one, and we pray that Julia’s story and our posts encourage you, strengthen you, and bring you strategies and tools to help you know God better than ever and experience every dream He has given you.

Don’t be afraid to show your freshly-washed face in life…You’re beautiful!

Click here if you want to hear Cassandra’s interview.

Much love,


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