Best Gift Ever

15 Dec

Christmas is getting so close, and the last-week hustle & bustle will soon be upon us! Many of us have already spent hours figuring out the perfect gifts and searching for them at the stores or websites with the best prices. We’ve put lots of effort into seeing happy faces on Christmas Day.

My question is: What do you think Jesus wants for Christmas this year?

That may seem a little tongue-in-cheek since we tend to see God as Someone who “already has everything.” But I think it’s important to stop and think as we get ready to celebrate the birth of our Savior, to celebrate what His birth meant then and continues to mean for us today. The Wise Men brought precious gifts to honor God’s gift to the world, so what does Jesus want from me this year? (Hey, this is a blog! You knew this introspection would be coming, right? ; )

Maybe He wants us to take a minute and reflect on our life—the preciousness of it, the meaning in it, and our part to play in God the Father’s grand, amazing plan.

Maybe He wants us to value our relationship with Him more then ever, to realize what a true treasure and privilege it is.

Maybe He wants us to demonstrate our love for Him in tangible ways to people around us. Christmastime affords us chances to love and give in ways that are special to the holiday season—opportunities He doesn’t want us to miss (as we speed off to the mall again, obsessed with finding every item on our shopping list).

There could be scores of other great maybes we could list…

But I think it all comes down to one thing really: Jesus simply wants you more than ever. Your time. Your attention. Your trust. Your obedience. Your love. Pretty much everything. Because He loves you. Plus when He has you, all the rest falls into place.

Wow, the Son of God wants me for Christmas? That is, without a doubt, the best thing I could want for myself.



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