“Perfect” Not Required

21 Dec

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect, and I was no exception. But more than anything, I simply wanted to enjoy my special day, to savor every moment. So when I woke up that morning, I determined that nothing would upset me. No matter how everything went (perfect or not), I would have fun and delight in one of the most memorable days of my life—marrying Eric.

So when my hair took much longer than anticipated, I just smiled and said, “That’s okay. It’s my day!” And I went home and applied my makeup there instead of with my bridesmaids at the church as planned. (Thankfully, we had given ourselves lots of time!)

When I reached the church later than scheduled, the photographer said, “Sorry, it’s too late to take pre-ceremony pictures in the sanctuary now.” I just smiled, shrugged, and said, “That’s okay; it’s my day!” Instead we took them in another part of the church. (Later I was really glad to have these set of pics in a different location!)

We started the wedding right on time, fitting in all the pre-ceremony things I had hoped to do, but there was a brief delay while the wedding party waited to head down the aisle. Standing in the reception line afterward, I was told that some of the candles wouldn’t light and it took the ushers some extra time to get them burning. I laughed, “No problem! It’s my day!” What were a few stubborn candles compared to the beautiful ceremony that followed?

Truthfully, God graced me so much that day, enabling me to enjoy the moment without letting anything spoil my happiness. (Believe me, my personality can really zoom in on what didn’t go right if I let it. : ) Yet despite the various hiccups, it truly was one of the most beautiful and wonderful days I’ve ever had.

So, why am I sharing this today? Well, soon Christmas will be here, and I want to encourage you to enjoy the day whether or not everything is perfect. Because most likely someone won’t like a gift you thought was just right for them, or Aunt Lucy will once again ask you why you don’t have a boyfriend, or someone will offer you fashion tips that make you wonder what they’re getting at…

But if you ask for God’s grace, He’ll help you overlook all that doesn’t go perfectly and enlarge your heart with all that goes well—swelling it to wonderfully, overwhelmingly, content for the moment. After all, its okay—it’s His day, and that’s something very special.

Much love,


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