Looking for More

3 Feb

When I was in high school and in love with the concept of being in love, I had no idea what I was getting myself into through my dating relationships, nor was I prepared for the heartache I would soon be experiencing. All the Hollywood movies I had watched painted a false picture in my mind, promising: Being in love is absolutely wonderful! Everything always works out happily in the end.

I thought that if I was attracted to a guy and he was attracted to me—that was love. If you read my story in a previous post, you know how my faulty thinking led me into a premature marriage and early divorce.

By the time I was ready to consider risking a second marriage, my fairytale view of love had dramatically changed. I wasn’t looking only for a good-looking guy this time; I was looking for more. I wanted a faithful husband—one who would truly love me, whom I could love, trust, and respect. Because I wanted children, I was also looking for father material—someone I had observed to be good with children. I had also learned the hard way that a husband and wife work better together if they want the same things out of life.

Because of my poor judgment in the past, I asked God to help me find this man. As it turned out, God helped him to find me. Roger first saw me at a restaurant where my co-worker and I were having lunch together. Admiring me from afar, he wasn’t giving his boss (with whom he was having lunch) his undivided attention. His boss noticed and turned to see who was distracting his new employee. His boss recognized me (having met me before) and later arranged for Roger and I to meet.

Forty-five years later and counting, we are still together and growing in our love for each other. We always say that God was the one who brought us together, and He has been the one to keep us together. True love is not just a feeling—it’s a choice that is never swayed by temporary feelings or circumstances.

When you are truly ready for a husband, make sure you’re looking for more the very first time. It’s definitely a safer path to what your heart desires.

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