Juicy Information

6 Feb

In our current culture, everyone is quick to believe the stories they hear about other people—stories from friends or off Facebook, Twitter, etc. People don’t consider the pain they cause by passing on what they hear (whether true or false). Hope this excerpt from the Journal helps you think through what you do when someone shares something with you or when gossip comes your way…

The night that Julia found Gretchen crying in her room, Gretchen blurted out some personal details about her life. Really personal. When you read the novel, did you notice that Julia never repeated what Gretchen said that night?

Take a minute and think about what you would have done with such juicy information! Would you have kept it to yourself like Julia did, or would you have at least shared it with your best friend after swearing her to secrecy?

A gossip goes around telling secrets, but those who are trustworthy can keep a confidence. Proverbs 11:13 (NLT)

When someone shares her heart with you, are you faithful to keep it confidential? What if you hear something about someone else—are you willing to believe the best, pray for him or her, and seal your lips? Or do you take it upon yourself to spread around what you’ve heard?

As women of Christ, we don’t want to be known as gossips! We want to be women who can be confidently trusted.

There may be times, of course, when someone shares something so serious, you can’t keep it confidential. Maybe a friend is using drugs or fighting an eating disorder. Serious issues like those must be dealt with promptly. In those cases, you need to break the confidence and make someone like a parent, teacher, or church leader aware of the situation. Although it’s admirable to keep a secret, you’re a truer friend to get help for that person—help that might even save his or her life! With this journal entry, however, we’re talking about sharing confidential information simply because you like repeating what you know about others.

Journal to the Lord about your ability to keep a confidence. Then take this opportunity to forgive those who have betrayed your trust. If you need to, ask God to forgive you for having loose lips and a lack of self-control regarding gossip. Ask Him to create a faithful spirit in you so that you can be a blessing to those around you. Remember, you always have God to talk to when you’re just bursting to tell someone!

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