Arranged Marriage???

20 Feb

In Waiting for Mr. Right, Grace said something to her daughter during their girl talk (Chapter 16) that Julia had probably never thought about: “…dating as we know it is not modeled in Scripture.”

Through the centuries, our society has strayed from the Biblical model for bringing couples together. Marriages arranged by families evolved into courtship and eventually into dating as we see it today. Originally, marriages arranged by the family had a purpose: to ensure a suitable marriage partner for a son or daughter. Isaac and Rebekah’s love story is a Biblical model and can be found in Genesis 24.

Before reading this account of a family-arranged marriage, you may have thought that the prospective bride didn’t have any say in the matter. You can see in verses 57 and 58 of Chapter 24 that Rebekah was consulted and agreed to become Isaac’s wife.

“Well,” they said, “we’ll call Rebekah and ask her what she thinks.” So they called Rebekah. “Are you willing to go with this man?” they asked her. And she replied, “Yes, I will go.”

The match had already been agreed upon as a God-inspired plan by those in authority in her family, but when it actually came time for Rebekah to leave her family and go to Isaac, she was given a choice.

Isaac and Rebekah’s love story is a beautiful picture of our arranged marriage to Jesus. Think of Abraham as a type of God the Father, desiring a proper bride for His Son—Abraham’s trusted servant as the Holy Spirit, sent out by the Father to find her and make the offer—Isaac as Jesus, patiently waiting for His bride to be found and accept Him—and Rebekah as the Church, saying yes to the marriage offer, excited to meet her Bridegroom face to face.

God the Father always gives us a choice to say yes or no to His offer to accept His Son. Have you responded with your answer yet? If not, it isn’t too late; Jesus is patiently waiting for you to decide. Believe me; no other offer is as wonderful as His!

As a side note: Once Issac married Rebekah, his love for her was so strong that there is no Scriptural record of his ever taking an additional wife (a common custom in his day). It appears that Rebekah remained his cherished bride for life, just as the Church will remain Jesus’ cherished Bride for eternity.

There’s more, girls! Read my next post for Part 2.



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