Mr. Right Series

28 Mar

In case you’ve been following our blog without knowing much about our novels, we thought we’d post today about the Mr. Right Series!

First of all, we wrote this series with you in mind! We wanted to give you a fun, interesting way to think about the many issues facing you in today’s world. Our hope is that these novels will remind you how beautiful and valuable you are, and give you some tools and strategies to see your God-dreams come true.

Let’s talk about the series:

These three novels follow the main character, Julia Duncan, through her college experience. You’ll have a hard time putting down each one as you watch Julia try to get out of yet another unexpected predicament. Whether she’s dating Mr. Wrong, meeting Mr. Right, or desperately trying to get to her wedding, you’ll appreciate her honesty about what’s going on inside her own heart. In fact, you might even learn a little about yours as well!

Here’s a quick snapshot of each novel:

Waiting for Mr. Right (novel 1)     Julia Duncan arrives at college with high hopes of finding a boyfriend. She starts dating someone who seems to be Mr. Right, but time reveals he is just the opposite, her romantic dream suddenly becoming a nightmare. As she and her friends deal with issues like unplanned pregnancies, abusive boyfriends, and being a true friend, Julia finds herself living a lie that takes her further and further from the person she wants to be. Watch how one nugget of truth saves her life and puts her back on track to experience God’s very best.

Meeting Mr. Right (novel 2)     Julia has learned the hard way the dangers of dating Mr. Wrong. Starting over at a college in her hometown, she is determined to wait for the right guy this time. Focusing on her relationship with God, she starts making better choices in relationships and helps girls facing issues like eating disorders, Internet predators, and sexual harassment. But as the years of waiting drag on, Julia starts to struggle with when and how she will finally meet Mr. Right…

Marrying Mr. Right (novel 3)     Julia has finally met Mr. Right—only she doesn’t realize it at first! Once she does, she’s sure that all the loneliness and frustration she endured is over. Yet one problem after another surfaces and tries to separate her from the man she loves, threatening their chances for a happy life together. Faced with incredible obstacles, Julia continues to trust her Heavenly Father, even when it looks like everything she’s hoped for is slipping away…

Once you finish the novels, you’ll enjoy our workbook (The Journal) and the free discussion guides that accompany the series. They help you dig deeper into the issues presented in the novels, giving you a chance to read Scriptures about those situations and think about how things are going in your own life. (Check out our series website at for lots more information about the novels, workbook, etc. It also further explains our mission with the series and the stories behind the series. : )

Hope this post has helped you understand the Mr. Right Series a little more. If you haven’t read it yet, we invite you to give it a try!

If you’ve read any or all of our novels, we’d LOVE to hear from you! (

Have a great rest of the week!


Lisa & Barbara


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