Note to Self: Don’t Panic!

23 Apr

Lisa has a friend who graduated with her degree this past year. Still trying to find a job in her specific field (vet tech), she’s decided to take some weekend classes to get certified to give free tours at the zoo. Her reasoning? While she’s waiting for what she wants, she’s going to use her time wisely to do something that will both look good on her resume and be something she enjoys in her free time. Refusing to panic about not having a job yet, she’s looking for ways to redeem this time and enjoy life in the waiting.

I hear so many young women say, “I want to get married. I’m so ready to meet my guy!” Here are some questions I like to ask: “If he showed up today, are you prepared to be more than a girlfriend? Are you using any of your time to develop skills you will need to be a great wife one day? What are you doing to enjoy life now?”

When you are waiting for something you really want, time often has a way of dragging by. Sometimes the longer you wait, the more you begin to panic, fearing it will never happen. Instead of going in that direction, remind yourself that God has a plan for your life. And that plan doesn’t start someday far off in the future—it’s already in motion today! How are you walking out His plan for you today so you’ll be where He wants you to be tomorrow? If marriage is something you’re believing for, why not learn some practical skills to use both now (with friends & family you have) and later (with the husband & family that are coming)?

Here’s one idea: Have some fun learning to cook. Even if you think that’s not your thing, give it a chance! You might find yourself quite inspired after a few episodes of Chopped or a few dishes of your own that actually turn out pretty great! It’s a hobby that you can sandwich in (forgive the pun) between classes, work, or whatever else is in your life at the moment. Once you’re married, you will have many other things to do in addition to preparing meals, so getting a jump-start on this area is a great idea. (I’ve found that watching your family enjoy the food you prepare blesses you in ways you have to experience yourself to fully appreciate! It’s definitely worth any special effort you put into it now.) And you can have fun honing your skills in an area you’ll use a lot in life, whether married or single.

Again, if marriage is something you desire, do you understand the Biblical model for marriage or know anything about child care, how to keep an organized house, grocery shop, do laundry, or balance a checkbook? These areas may appear stereotypical at first glance, but most would agree they are life realities you’ll face at some point, married or not. What about some other areas you can share with your hubby or teach your kids one day, like playing a sport or instrument, speaking a foreign language, etc.? The list is endless, so pick something that interests you and start there. Much of your training can be done in your own home. If you don’t have anyone to teach you a specific skill, read a book or take a class.

Remember, skill builders are wonderful time fillers, and they bless others while fulfilling you at the same time. Trust me, time goes by quicker when you’re learning new things, preparing for days ahead, and focusing on something or someone other than yourself.

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” Genesis 2:18 (NLT)

So, for whom is God designing you? It’s exciting to think about, and worth preparing for, don’t you think?

Love you,


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