Unspoken Feelings

4 Jun

During their long mother/daughter talk in novel 1 (Chapter 16), Julia’s mother explained many things her daughter wanted and needed to know. This knowledge brought a fresh perspective to Julia’s mind and heart.

At the end of their talk, Julia said, “That’s beautiful, Mom. Why didn’t you tell me about these things before? I’d been unhappy for so long about not having a boyfriend. If I’d understood all this, none of this mess with Jay would’ve happened!”

Filled with compassion, Julia’s mother went over to her daughter, put her arm around her, and replied, “I didn’t know you were hurting, Julia. You kept the pain you were feeling to yourself. When you were at home, you always seemed to be content. I assumed that you were happy and secure… I’m your mother, honey, not a mind reader. If you had confided in me, we could’ve had this talk before you left for school.”

Julia was not intentionally hiding frustrations and painful feelings from her mother. For whatever reason, she had just never communicated them to her. Because Julia kept those thoughts and emotions to herself, they were isolated within her own mind where her lack of experience and maturity could not effectively manage them. Julia needed a seasoned counselor like her mother to help her understand her feelings and deal with them in an informed and constructive way.

Do you have hurt feelings or frustrations you have been silent about? Are you aware that God knows all about them?

You know what I long for, Lord; you hear my every sigh. Psalm 38:9 (NLT)

Even though God knows all your unspoken thoughts and feelings, He will often use other people to shed some Scriptural light on your situation and brighten your outlook. Remember, your peers are operating out of a similar maturity level and perspective as you. So, sharing your heart with a trusted adult is the much better choice. Don’t wait for them to ask. Like Julia’s mom, they want to help you, but they aren’t mind readers either.

Always remember, you are loved, and you are not alone!


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