FOUR INCHES left? Ahhhh!!!!

13 Aug

Does anyone else find it hard to believe it’s August already? Summer has flown by, and soon school, fall, etc. will be upon us in full force! As it does, with life ramping up to breakneck speed again, we have to remind ourselves NOT TO ASSUME:

10.  We know it all.

9.   We can read people perfectly.

8.    We have to be like someone else.

7.   We have to be perfect in front of others.

6.   Outer beauty is more important than inner beauty.

That last line is a tough one in our culture. You don’t have to look far (online, at movies or magazines, on TV, etc.) to see that outer beauty is highly valued (and pursued). And yet inner beauty trumps outer beauty every time!

Maybe you roll your eyes when you hear lines like that, convinced it’s just something adults say to make girls feel better…But it’s important to know that it really is the truth!

In the Mr. Right Series, Julia is never specifically described (as brunette or blonde, tall or short, etc.). She is referred to as a pretty girl, however, and in novel 2, Julia shares about a time in her life when she felt very unattractive and received lots of teasing from boys.

Wow, I can definitely relate! When I was 12, I traded my admired long locks for a cute, shoulder-length cut, only to receive an unexpected result: my hair had turned curly! The weight of my long hair had masked this recent development (sure I knew it looked a little kinky at my hairline, but I hadn’t paid much attention). What a huge surprise when the stylist began cutting and my hair sprung up in frizzy curls!  In an attempt to make me happy (for I had returned to the salon crying over this disaster of a cut), the stylist ended up cutting my hair to about four inches everywhere! No joke, it went from one extreme (super long) to another (super short). I returned to school with a short frizzy mess (no product) to the shock of my friends and teachers.

At the insistence of my stylist (saying, You’d hate your curly hair long…it’d be way too big!), I kept my hair short for years. And had to put up with lots of teasing and mean words. I remember purposely sitting in the back of my junior high class so other students wouldn’t look at (and comment on) my hair. However, I also remember thinking during that time, I may be ugly, but I can smile!

You see, even though I knew this stage was not my best, that my outside was a far cry from society’s concept of beautiful, I still felt valuable. I still felt good about who I was inside. And I was determined to let it show while helping other girls feel good about themselves and know about Jesus.

Thankfully, as the years passed, I learned how to better work with the hair God had given me. I hadn’t ordered my curls, but in time I learned to manage them and even enjoy them! Then flat irons came out and I got to experience the fun of having both options: straight or curly.

While I can look back at that season of life and recall some of those memories, the pain of them has faded and gone. And I’m actually thankful for the main lesson I learned during those years: feeling valuable regardless of my appearance. (That has certainly come in handy as I’ve gotten older, gone through body changes that come with four pregnancies, etc.) Another beautiful thing I gained was compassion for those who are picked on and ridiculed.

I have a little more to say on this subject, so I’ll finish up on my next post…But hopefully, this has gotten you thinking about how much value you place on outer beauty vs/ inner beauty. Please don’t let our culture cause you to assume your outside is more important than your inside, girls! As we’ll talk next time, it’s quite the opposite!

Much love,


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