A Bit Cloudy???

10 Sep

In Julia’s very first conversation with Jay, she explained to him that she would only date a Christian. That amused Jay because he did consider himself to be a nice Christian guy. (After all, he wasn’t an atheist, right? And he had gone to church with his parents when he was younger.)

When Jay asked Julia why she thought he wasn’t a Christian, she said it was because he was in a frat. Again that made no sense to him. How could she preach to him about being in a fraternity when she was part of a sorority (one known for major partying)? Naturally, Jay pointed that out and then assured Julia that he was a Christian, that there was no reason why they couldn’t see each other.

So, just like Julia with Jay, what’s one thing that happens when you stray from doing what is right?

You damage your witness to others. People don’t see that your life/choices are that different from theirs, and it makes it hard for them to accept what you’re telling them about God.

If the godly give in to the wicked, it’s like polluting a fountain or muddying a spring. Proverbs 25:26 (NLT)

When you’re really thirsty, there’s nothing better than a clear, cold glass of water. God wants our lives to be a refreshing fountain and a pure spring—for us and for those around us. When we start thinking and acting like people who don’t respect God, we muddy or pollute the clear waters of our lives. Eventually, we’re left with a murky mess!

Take a few moments and consider if there are any areas of compromise in your life where things have gotten a bit cloudy. If so, take them to the Father today and ask for His forgiveness. He is all about making us fresh and new, helping us to grow and then make better choices day by day. Another added benefit? When we focus on our relationship with Him, it’s a lot easier to make good choices that benefit us both now and in the long run.

So let’s protect the pure springs of our lives, being intentional about what we put into our minds, the situations we put our hearts and bodies in, and the people we allow to influence us. God loves each of us so very much. We’re worth the effort it takes to guard our hearts!

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23 (NLT)

Hope this has encouraged you today…Have a great week!

Much love,

Lisa & Barbara

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