Radio Interview –

22 Oct

Here on our blog, we love to point you to great resources for your life…We found another one!  Teen Talk at

Nicole O’Dell hosts this radio show for teens, which focuses on current issues and important girl topics. My mom and I had the privilege of being on Teen Talk last Friday, and we loved talking with Nicole!

Click here to listen to our interview. (At right of screen, click on 10/19 show.)

There we chat about the Mr. Right Series (a great explanation of each of the novels  if you haven’t read them yet) and about lots of things that girls today think and feel.

Nicole is very real and genuine. She remembers what her own teen years were like (she has a touching personal story which she shares at the beginning of last Friday’s show) and has some insight/wisdom that can really help you, especially when it comes to relationships. I think you’re going to love listening to her show often. (Even if you can’t listen live, she posts her shows on her website each week, so you can go listen to them whenever works for you.) She also has lots of books available, including some cool fiction, so check that out as well…

We were excited to be a part of Teen Talk to get the word out to more girls about Julia’s story, but also excited to relay this great new resource to you!

(If you haven’t read our novels, Waiting for Mr. Right, Meeting Mr. Right, & Marrying Mr. Right, then click here to see what girls are saying!)

Feel free to leave a comment on this post, sharing what you thought of Friday’s interview chat…We’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week!

Much love,



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