What if I didn’t “make it”???

29 Oct

Recently, my mom and I were on the radio show Teen Talk, chatting with the host, Nicole O’Dell, about some misconceptions we sometimes have as Christians, especially when it comes to choices and relationships. Ideas like Life is either all or nothing: I’m either “all in” with God, doing everything perfectly, or I’m “all out,” living however I want, making lots of bad choices. (We often think that being all in with God means no mistakes in sight.)

But is that really life? Is anyone spot-on 100% of the time? Is it possible to love God, want to live your life for Him, and still make mistakes along the way as you grow and mature in Him?

Julia learned in novel 1 that can definitely happen! Jesus was one of her loves as she was making all those mistakes her first year at college. He just wasn’t her first love. Something/someone else became more important to her, and that caused her to make lots of choices that brought heartache. (That was her biggest mistake of all since Jesus loves us and wants to be our first love in life. Only He is worthy of that position. Only He can meet our deepest needs and make the other relationships in our lives all they were meant to be. He wants to be your God, rather than some boy in your life.)

Many girls battle feelings of hopelessness with their choices. A lot of them think, I’ve already had sexual experiences before marriage; I didn’t “make it” as a virgin on my wedding night. So I might as well have sex with my current boyfriend since I’ve already messed up. I’m just not one of those “perfect” girls… (Remember Julia’s sorority sister Gretchen in novel 1? She felt like this after what happened to her with Brad—even when that first experience was not even her fault!)

But wait a minute! Are any of us perfect, except Jesus?

No! We have all made mistakes, whether with our bodies (like having sex before marriage, getting drunk, hurting ourselves), our minds (watching/reading garbage, thinking wrong thoughts about ourselves/others, having attitudes), our mouths (using unkind words, gossiping, lying), being impatient, being fearful, worrying…The list goes on and on.

So is life as a Christian about being perfect in every area at all times? No mistakes EVER? Or is it about being honest about the areas our lives where we struggle, the ones that are hard for us, those we need to bring to Jesus so we can be more like Him? Is it actually about love, forgiveness, surrender, dedication, obedience, growth, and progress?

Do you realize that even if you have had sexual experiences already, if you will bring all that to the Cross, to God your Father, laying it all down (the hurt, the wrong, maybe even the wrong done to you), God will embrace you, forgive all, and give you a new beginning? Jesus died to give you the best life possible both here and in heaven one day. It’s ours for the taking if we’ll cooperate with Him in an honest and real relationship, recognizing that God made us, loves us, and knows what’s best for us and others.

Did you know that if you choose to make the right choices from today until your wedding day, it counts? It counts to your heart, to God’s heart, and even to your husband’s heart one day! Instead of judging you for mistakes you’ve made, your Mr. Right will admire you for the person you are now, for choosing to do right (with God’s help) once you knew (and valued) the truth. And for turning to Him when you were tempted to make the wrong choices again.

Please don’t assume that when it comes to choices, we either “made it” or we “didn’t. Don’t let past choices define you. Let God redirect you! He loves you and has amazing plans for you. Get close to Him, and you’ll truly see how good He is!

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Have a great week! I’m praying for you!

Much love,


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