Happy New Year!

31 Dec


Today is New Year’s Eve, the last day of 2012!!! Can you believe it’s here already?!

Remember our Top Ten Things We WON’T Assume this year? Let’s review our list:

We will NOT assume:
10. We know it all.
9. We can read people perfectly.
8. We have to be like someone else.
7. We have to be perfect in front of others.
6. Adventures only happen to other people.
5. No now means no forever.
4. We either “made it” or we “didn’t.”
3. We have the pressure to make all the right choices FOR YEARS!
2. Our prayers are not being answered.
1. Dreams come easy.

Julia definitely appreciates that final point by the end of The Mr. Right Series.

As those of you who have read it know, she eventually breaks if off with Mr. Wrong in novel 1, finally meets her Mr. Right in novel 2, and falls deeply in love with him in novel 3. (Did you like her Mr. Right as much as I did? ; )

Julia assumes that now she has finally found the right guy, all her frustration and heartache is over, no more tears in sight. But during novel 3, she sees how dreams, the really important ones, often don’t come easy. We have to fight for them!

Tonight is New Year’s Eve, the biggest party night of the year. Like many people, we may go out to celebrate or simply wait up until midnight, turn on our TVs, and watch the ball drop in Times Square.

Why is there such excitement tonight? It’s the thought of a new beginning with 2013! Anything seems possible with hope and a new beginning.

That’s why people start writing their New Year Resolutions, ones like:

I will study harder at school, waste less time on Facebook, spend more real time  with friends, eat healthier, get in better shape, enjoy the moment more, do a  better job at work, make new friends, chase dreams…

Yet before we know it, vacation/holiday time is over, everyday routines and pressures resume, and life seems to return to normal. Oftentimes those resolutions we made are just too much work to keep, and they fall to the side (until we pick them up again next New Year’s Eve!)

But if we know up front that dreams don’t come easy, we’re emotionally prepared to fight for them! Like Julia, we see that they are worth the prayer, planning, and effort it takes to see them through.

Do you have dreams for this coming year? Don’t assume they will come easy. Be ready to make choices that aren’t always easy. Be prepared to be misunderstood by some. Anticipate it being inconvenient at times. You might even shed a few tears.

BUT always remember that your God-dreams are safe in your Savior’s hands, that He has a master plan bigger than you even realize right now. He will help you walk out His plan and even give you kisses from heaven along the way, great things you weren’t even expecting, because He’s that good!

Like Julia, you will see the faithfulness of God and that while dreams don’t always come easy, they are worth it all in the end when they come true.

Believing with you for great things in 2013! 

Happy New Year!!!
Lisa & Barbara

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