Kiss from Heaven

28 Jan


Been online much lately? Then you’ve probably heard of Owen Groesser. He’s a new Internet sensation (featured on Sportscenter a couple days in a row. Even Sarah Palin mentioned him on her Facebook page). His claim to fame? Nailing two three-pointers during the last 2 minutes of the first half…the only two minutes he had played that whole season.

As team manager, Owen would come to practice every. single. day, work out with the team, and then perform his managerial duties during the games. But this night he was given special permission to suit-up and show off his basketball skills with his teammates.  Loved by the student body, Owen found himself surrounded by wild applause, encouraging chants, and teammate hugs as teens grabbed their cell phones and tweeted #GetOwenOnSportscenter. Sure enough, after hours of tweeting, that night Owen was highlighted on Sportscenter! (Click here to see an interview of Owen & his dad the next day on ESPN.) We have the privilege of knowing Owen. He’s such a great young man…So happy for him to have this moment!

I love this story because it shows how showing up and being diligent day in and day out will bring you great reward. In fact, God will send kisses from heaven you aren’t expecting…just because He loves you.

I also love seeing how a group of teens worked together for the benefit of someone else—and accomplished something really special.

As you read this today, be reminded that no matter what your age, your voice counts! Just make it count for something valuable, something bigger than just you.

Have a great week! And remember: you are loved, and you are not alone!


photos provided by Groesser family


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