All paired up???

11 Mar


When we’re waiting for Mr. Right to come into our life, it can feel like everyone else around us is already “paired” up. Julia certainly felt that way after her break up with Jay. In fact, in novel 2, she and her sister-in-law, Jenny, have a conversation about it. Julia shares her frustrations, and Jenny has some great advice to help her.

At one point Julia says, “I’m really self-conscious because I don’t have a boyfriend. Even though I understand all the reasons why I’m waiting for the right guy, others don’t. When I get back to school in the fall, people might think something’s wrong with me because I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Ever felt that way? See how Jenny responds below:

“Let them, Julia. It’s a waste of time worrying about the opinions of others, especially when those people don’t even care about you. Look around and you’ll see lots of girls who aren’t dating anyone. Remember, you can always find somebody to go out with—especially if you are willing to give him whatever he wants.”  Yet is that the relationship Julia really wants? (Check out their whole conversation in chapter 3 of novel 2, Meeting Mr. Right.)

I want to encourage you today that it’s not about having a boyfriend because someone else does. It’s about being where you should be in God’s plan for your life.

I remember coming home from college majorly disappointed I hadn’t met my husband yet. If I couldn’t meet him at college with thousands of guys, how would I meet him teaching high school near my much smaller hometown?

It wasn’t until after I was engaged to Eric a few years later that I realized the “why” I hadn’t met my man in college.  It was because he wasn’t there!

God knew the right time for Eric and me to meet, and it all worked out in His plan for both of our lives. (I even got to travel and have some cool experiences before committing to be a wife and mom.)

Now I’m thankful I didn’t come away from college with that boyfriend I wanted so much. Eric was definitely worth the wait!

So know that God knows the right time and place for you to meet your Mr. Right. (We all have our own life stories, with unique details, so the timing and place is different for all of us.)

You can be confident that as you trust your Heavenly Father, your special love story will unfold in a beautiful way!

Much love,


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