Chance Encounter

8 May


Monday I had an unexpected encounter.

I’m at a park with my kids and suddenly, out of some bushes, bounds a big, scruffy dog (incredibly cute) followed by his owner, a young woman in her 30’s. One of my daughters quickly steps in front of her dog, giving the woman a chance to catch him.

Laughing, we all begin a pleasant conversation, during which I realize I recognize this fresh-faced, lovely dog-walker. She’s an A-list celebrity, and I’m wondering, How is it possible that my world has just intersected hers?

Eventually, her identity is confirmed (as is her reason for being there), and I’m really impressed with how down-to-earth she is, patiently answering my youngest daughter’s many questions and comments (What kind of dog is your dog? How old is he? We have a new dog, a stray named Max, Is yours a stray, too?). She also kindly lingers, making small talk with the parents standing around the focal point in the park that day:  a dead squirrel the kids are lovingly preparing for burial with scattered dandelions.

In that brief 10-minute encounter, this woman showed herself to be very gracious, which brings me to a verse to consider today:

A gracious woman retains honor…Proverbs 11:6a

While I may have appreciated this woman’s beauty and acting skill prior to this meeting, it was how she handled herself in those few minutes that produced a genuine respect for her (whether or not I watch her movies ; ).

So, what do people say about us when we stumble upon them in the park? Or in the mall, at work, or even at church? Would they say we were gracious? That we make them feel respected and valued? Would our words and actions cause us to retain honor?

Because that’s what we want, right? Someone to think to themselves after meeting us, I’m so glad I did!

Food for thought with love,


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2 Responses to “Chance Encounter”

  1. Talitha May 8, 2013 at 9:06 pm #

    You are such a great writer and always present “food for thought” in a delightfully refreshing way.

  2. mrrightseries May 9, 2013 at 8:56 am #

    Thanks, Talitha! I could definitely say the same of you! I always come away from what you write or say encouraged and often challenged as well…Miss you! xo

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