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Grateful for You

28 Nov

Give & Take

Hey, beautiful girls!

Thinking of you this morning as we prepare for a day of family, friends, and some of our favorite foods.

Hope the words in the pic above encourage you to reflect past simply having a day off school or work. : )

May we all feel an overwhelming sense of reassurance and gratitude that God is ultimately in control, and He is taking care of us in both small and big ways.

I want you to know I’m very grateful for YOU being a part of my life via this blog!

Sending you much love this turkey Thursday…

Happy Thanksgiving!


(Thanks to Pinterest for this pic!)


Only He

16 Apr

Today I just want to encourage you in the wake of yesterday’s tragic events at the Boston Marathon. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, for the heartbreaking loss experienced by so many.

In times like these, we are reminded of many things, including:

how valuable and needed our prayers are, to help bring comfort and healing in senseless situations

to continually pray for our nation and for protection from our enemies, whoever they may be.

to treasure all the moments we have with those we love. How often we get offended or sidetracked by things that really don’t matter!

May the One who loves us most bring peace that only He can provide.