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What Girls are Saying — L., age 17

13 Dec
I loved them! =) I read them all in a course of two days, I could hardly put them down. With a little suspense in them, it kept me right on reading, and a few turns I didn’t expect. I really really enjoyed reading them, and since then I have one friend borrowing mine to read and another in line to get them next. I love them, and my two friends are very excited to read them! =)
They were very well written and loved the story line. I really appreciate how it is a normal average girl in normal and real life situations. Things happen, feelings can take over, feelings can blind, but if we keep our eyes on Jesus, and focus on what He is training us for, He will reveal our Mr. Right in His perfect timing. I really enjoyed them and am so happy I bought them!
L., age 17
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No problem!

15 May

Inch 2013 pic (One of the lovely girls I met)

This past weekend, my mom, my oldest daughter, and I had a fantastic time at a convention, meeting teens and parents, sharing about the Mr. Right Series. There were several young women in particular that made the experience so worthwhile. It was great getting to know each of them, listening to them talk about their own dreams and passions.

I couldn’t help but want to make life easier for them, to help them however I could, to  set them up to win as they walked away from my table to face whatever awaited them in life.

Because sometimes the pressures of life can feel heavy, whether that pressure comes from other people’s expectations, our own expectations, or things like Facebook likes, Instagram comments, or magazine covers.

Take a moment to picture a young woman struggling under the weight of a big piece of furniture. No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t budge that dresser to get where she needs to go.

Have you ever seen a professional mover move a big piece of furniture? He wears a special strap around his shoulders that helps to distribute the weight. He slips that strap around the dresser and can easily move it wherever he wants. No problem!

Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30 NLT)

When life starts to feel heavy, remember that Jesus has given you a strap (His yoke) to help you shoulder responsibilities and move where you need to go. With Him as your teacher, navigating life can become much more easy and light.

Will heavy situations still pop up like that furniture? Yep. That’s life. But with Jesus, you’ll still be able to get where you need to go. No problem!

Love you, beautiful girls!


What Girls are Saying — Malori

4 Feb

caucasian 15-20 years teen reading in the park

I have read the first two (novels) and absolutely loved them, much to my surprise honestly. After reading these books, I must say that my prayer life changed. I took a page from Julia’s book and started writing down my prayers to God in the form of a conversation, and I love it! Also, I absolutely love Julia’s mom. I feel like she’s my mom. Like she’s talking to me. I also started praying for my Mr. Right, asking God to protect him and guide him so that he continues on his journey of spiritual maturity as I am. So I want to thank you for helping me add a new dimension to my prayer life.
Malori, 23


What Girls are Saying — Kayla

7 Jan

LOVE this review from Kayla to start our New Year because like she said, we are NOT alone in what we are feeling and going through in life…Hope that Julia’s story in the Mr. Right Series encourages you as much as it did Kayla!

I finished this book in 3 days, I could not put the book down. It intrigued me so much to realize I am not the only girl who probably goes through this stuff, and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I am 100% Julia. I could literally be her twin. I have been having the same issues about boys etc.. and it just reminded me that I need to focus more on Jesus than dating right now. : )                          Kayla (Project Inspired website, book club)

What Girls are Saying — Rhodes

8 Oct

Here is another great message we received about the series…Thanks, Rhodes!

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I just want to thank you guys so much for writing these novels. When I first purchased this book, I thought I was just reading another romance novel, which was fine with me because I love to read, especially about romance. While reading the novel, I noticed a change in me. I wanted the closer relationship with God. My relationship was close but not as close as I wanted it to be. Her story gave me hope and a way to go about making my relationship closer. It was more than romance for me; it was a guideline on how to be closer with my first love, which was Jesus.

What I really respect and admire about this book is it doesn’t paint the pretty picture that Christians paint how if you love Jesus, then all will be well and he will give you what you want. This book is like a reality check; if you do always get what you want and when you want it, you will get disappointed, maybe heartbroken, maybe more than once. Everything is not always daisy, but in Christ, there is always a light at the (end of the) tunnel, and Jesus will never leave nor forsake you, and he always keeps his promises, and no matter how much we mess up, he’s always there to pick us up.

I’ve struggled with my prayer life and I’ve tried talking to people at church about it, and in a way they always told me what I should do and what ways I should go about it, and this book has shown me how to do it and that’s exactly what I needed, an “example.” I have my little prayer journal like Julia does and I pray to God about anything and every little thing. But the most important thing I learned was how to completely give God control and how to trust him in the good and bad. After reading those books, my spiritual life will never be the same, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank for planting that seed in me. The novels have the best of both worlds: romance and Jesus. What more can a Christian girl ask for?

Rhodes, age 23

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What Girls are Saying — A.Monique

27 Aug

…When I turned my life around and stopped the sex and partying, I prayed to have my pureness again, and God provided that…Dating just anyone who makes you feel “special” isn’t having a real boyfriend; I’m waiting for my Mr. Right because God has him for me out there, and He has a Mr. Right out there for you, too—you just have to be patient. Reading the Mr. Right Series had a huge impact on my life and helped me change my life around, and it can for you too…

A.Monique, age 18

Let Julia’s story impact your life, too!

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What Girls are Saying — Marie

23 Jul

I know you and your mom’s Mr. Right books are aimed at young girls, but your ministry is helping this 40-year-old. I think, with God’s guidance, I am finally starting to understand the kind of relationship God might have in store for me…

Marie, age 40

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What Girls are Saying — Erin

2 Jul

We think you’ll LOVE the novels, too, just like Erin!

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What Girls are Saying — Shannon

11 Jun

I absolutely loved this book! I’m 22-years-old and this book helped me because it is a training tool for me. I’ve never had a boyfriend so I related somewhat to the character, and I felt the same way she did. It also helped me so that I won’t compromise like she did when I do get a boyfriend. It shows girls the consequences of compromising what you believe for what you want. It has helped me to be more patient while waiting for the man that God has for me.

Shannon, age 22

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What Girls are Saying — Amanda

21 May

These books (Mr. Right Series) are a must read for any young woman waiting for their Mr. Right. It not only teaches young women that they need to be on their guard against the Mr. Wrongs, but it teaches them to trust and depend on God to show them their Mr. Right in his timing. Encouraging reading for anyone—whether you already have your Mr. Right or are still waiting!!

Amanda, age 22

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