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Awesome News—The Workbook is Here!

21 May

Mr Right Workbook Cover

Awesome news! Our series workbook is finally here!!!

Great for personal devos, book clubs with friends, or any kind of small group, the Mr. Right Series Workbook takes you through our three novels, one by one, chapter by chapter. We take a closer look at Julia’s story, discussing the many scenarios and dynamics, seeing what God’s Word has to say about what Julia and her friends face and experience. (Things which all of us can relate to, in one way or another. ; ) You have the chance to dig deeper into Julia’s story and then consider how things are going in your own life.

Springboarding off the characters’ lives, the workbook covers basic things like, How do I develop a genuine relationship with God?, What can I do to stay safe, online and off? What does it mean to be a true friend?  It also explores questions like, What does purity really look like? How can I get past mistakes? What dreams are closest to my heart? How can I stay on track to see my dreams come true?

We’re so excited to hear what you think of this amazing tool we wrote for you!

Please write and tell us what you learned about your story by looking at Julia’s…

Always remember that God has amazing life adventures for you! Hope our workbook inspires and encourages you more than ever!

Much love,



What Girls are Saying —Vanessa

10 Dec

amazon review 12:5:12 Vanessa

Such fun to find reviews like this about Julia’s story in the Mr. Right Series! (I hope to meet you one day, Vanessa! )

Our three novels make great gifts, so keep that in mind as you’re picking out Christmas presents this year! : )

If you’ve read our novels like Vanessa, we’d love to hear from you, too. Just email us a few lines of what you thought of Julia’s story, and we may post them here! In fact, we’re starting a new segment, Reader of the Month, where we ask readers about 5 q’s (a couple random ones as well as thoughts about Julia’s story)—and then feature them on this blog, so keep an eye out for that… (We’ll explain how YOU can apply to be our Reader of the Month as well.)

Also, my telling girls about the novels has some impact, but YOUR telling girls about the novels can make a HUGE impact! So if you could take a few minutes, we’d love to have you help spread the word about Julia’s story! Feel free to leave reviews on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and even highlight the series on your Facebook wall! (Have you liked our Mr. Right Series page yet? You can like it right now in the tool bar to the right, if you want! Hint, hint ; )

Thanks for helping us help more girls through Julia’s story!

We love you and are praying for you this week! Only 15 days until Christmas! Ahhhhh!


Lisa & Barbara

NewReleaseTuesday Author of the Month!

20 Nov


Love music? We found a great music & artist site to keep you up-to-date on new artists, current music news, etc.:

In fact, you can become a member of this site for free, create a profile, and begin earning free music right away by becoming fans of different artists, reviewing different CD’s and books, etc.

How did we find this site? selected us as Author of the Month along with popular Christian fiction writer, Francine Rivers!

Check out the site, including the Lisa Raftery author page. : )

Feel free to join the community and add your review of any of the Mr. Right Series novels. Your review might encourage someone else to read Julia’s story! And the more fans we have on the site, the better our chances of letting even more girls know about Julia’s story!

Thanks, everyone!

Radio Interview –

22 Oct

Here on our blog, we love to point you to great resources for your life…We found another one!  Teen Talk at

Nicole O’Dell hosts this radio show for teens, which focuses on current issues and important girl topics. My mom and I had the privilege of being on Teen Talk last Friday, and we loved talking with Nicole!

Click here to listen to our interview. (At right of screen, click on 10/19 show.)

There we chat about the Mr. Right Series (a great explanation of each of the novels  if you haven’t read them yet) and about lots of things that girls today think and feel.

Nicole is very real and genuine. She remembers what her own teen years were like (she has a touching personal story which she shares at the beginning of last Friday’s show) and has some insight/wisdom that can really help you, especially when it comes to relationships. I think you’re going to love listening to her show often. (Even if you can’t listen live, she posts her shows on her website each week, so you can go listen to them whenever works for you.) She also has lots of books available, including some cool fiction, so check that out as well…

We were excited to be a part of Teen Talk to get the word out to more girls about Julia’s story, but also excited to relay this great new resource to you!

(If you haven’t read our novels, Waiting for Mr. Right, Meeting Mr. Right, & Marrying Mr. Right, then click here to see what girls are saying!)

Feel free to leave a comment on this post, sharing what you thought of Friday’s interview chat…We’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week!

Much love,


Live Video Chat—TONIGHT!

5 Oct

LIVE VIDEO CHAT tonight! (Friday, October 5)

Project Inspired is having its weekly Live Chat tonight—and the topic? Waiting for Mr. Right!

I’ll be participating, too, as Nicole & her Project Inspired girls discuss Julia’s story. I’d love for you to join us!

Go to, click on NICOLE LIVE (pink link all the way to the right), and join Project Inspired for free. Then jump in on the conversation and analyze novel 1 with us!

The Live Chat begins at 4 p.m. PT.  (Notice the time zone. That means, for example, that it starts at 6PM Northern Indiana time or 7PM Michigan time.)

Not sure what time zone you’re in?  Simply log on to Project Inspired and look at the countdown clock. You’ll know exactly when to log on!

Looking forward to some great discussions…and your thoughts on Julia’s story!

Hope to see you there!







Project Inspired Book of the Month! (and video message from Lisa)

1 Oct

Want a FREE novel 1?

20 Sep


Novel 1 of the Mr. Right Series (Waiting for Mr. Right) is being offered for FREE in ebook form on! Click here to take advantage of this fantastic offer! (only good for 5 more days)

Novel 1 is also being offered at a steal at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, although there you will have to pay $.99 for the ebook… But either way, it’s a great deal, and a great opportunity to spread the word about the series!

May we ask a favor?

If you’ve read any of our novels (or get the ebook through this promotion), would you please leave a review on one or all of the following websites?

People value consumer reviews, and we need your help to get the word out about Julia’s story in the novels! (Also, we want to invite you to “like” our Mr. Right Series page on Facebook. It’s an easy way to let others know you like the series! And all you have to do is click the Facebook like button to the right of this page…)

Thank you so much!

Together we can get Julia’s story into countless girls’ hands!

Much love,

Lisa & Barbara

Exciting News!

6 Aug

Today we have some exciting news!!!

The Mr. Right Series has signed with Harrison House Publishers, so this month our novels will be found in bookstores nationwide!

Right now, Harrison House is offering each novel for only $9.09, a great price if you want to update your series with the new covers or buy graduation/birthday/Christmas gifts for someone else.

This price only lasts until the novels are officially released tomorrow, so please take advantage of this while you can! (Simply    CLICK HERE    to go the the Harrison House order page and HERE  for videos of what girls are saying about the series.)

We are thrilled to get Julia’s story in many more young women’s hands—and to have additional readers join our community here on this blog.

Thank you so much for your support of this blog and the Mr. Right Series! You are such a blessing in our lives, and we pray we are a blessing in yours as well.

Have a great week!

Lisa & Barbara

3 Free Sets of Mr. Right novels!!

16 Apr

Hi, again! Just wanted you to know that is hosting a giveaway that includes 3 free sets of our Mr. Right novels! (Yep, that’s 3 sets of 3 novels each.)

If that’s something you’re interested in, click here to enter the giveaway. (There are 52 GREAT prizes total, so take a moment to check it out!)

The giveaway ends 4/24/12, so head over there soon. : )

Have a great week!

Lisa & Barbara

New Posting Schedule

30 Mar

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted you to know we’ll be posting once a week from now on: every Monday. We love connecting with you here and pray our posts continue to encourage and inspire you!


Lisa & Barb

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