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What Girls are Saying — L., age 17

13 Dec
I loved them! =) I read them all in a course of two days, I could hardly put them down. With a little suspense in them, it kept me right on reading, and a few turns I didn’t expect. I really really enjoyed reading them, and since then I have one friend borrowing mine to read and another in line to get them next. I love them, and my two friends are very excited to read them! =)
They were very well written and loved the story line. I really appreciate how it is a normal average girl in normal and real life situations. Things happen, feelings can take over, feelings can blind, but if we keep our eyes on Jesus, and focus on what He is training us for, He will reveal our Mr. Right in His perfect timing. I really enjoyed them and am so happy I bought them!
L., age 17
Have YOU read the Mr. Right novels yet? We think you’ll love them just as much as the reader above! (Check out the novels here if you haven’t read them yet. And please let us know what you think of Julia’s story!)

What Girls are Saying — Grace

29 May

Amazon review Grace

Grace made my day with this awesome review of the Mr. Right Series on Amazon! (Thanks, Grace! ; )

She mentioned doing a book club with her friends using the series. LOVE that idea!

If you enjoyed Julia’s story, too, summertime is a great time to do a book club with your friends!

You could read one novel at a time together and then discuss the story and what everyone thought of all the adventures and unexpected predicaments Julia and her friends experience. : )

In fact, the Mr. Right Series Workbook (we talked about it last week) makes it easy to talk through the plot elements and life issues, to help you take a closer look at both Julia’s story and your own. How great to do that with friends who think, feel, and face many of the same things you do.

Feel free to write and let us know if you are doing a book club. We want to cheer you on—and can also give you a discount on bulk orders for your group!

Happy reading and discussing…Excited to hear how it goes!



Here’s a closer look at Grace’s review:

These books are AWESOME!!! They were so encouraging. Many of the novels I have read fail to mention the downsides of relationships. And although I love many of the other purity books this one spoke to me the most. It showed that you have to be grounded in your faith. It showed REAL life! I read this series in 2 days…I could not put them down. I now want to do a Bible study/book club for a few of my friends. These books are written very well, have a great story line, keep you intrigued, and send a godly message. These books are a great investment…worth the time and money! 🙂 Grace

What Girls are Saying — Ericka

25 Mar

We think you’ll love Julia’s story as much as Ericka did!

Click here to check it out… (And then let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you : )

Have  a great week!

What Girls are Saying – Tori

5 Mar

Here’s what Tori had to say about Julia’s story in the Mr. Right Series.

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Have a great week!

What Girls are Saying — Malori

4 Feb

caucasian 15-20 years teen reading in the park

I have read the first two (novels) and absolutely loved them, much to my surprise honestly. After reading these books, I must say that my prayer life changed. I took a page from Julia’s book and started writing down my prayers to God in the form of a conversation, and I love it! Also, I absolutely love Julia’s mom. I feel like she’s my mom. Like she’s talking to me. I also started praying for my Mr. Right, asking God to protect him and guide him so that he continues on his journey of spiritual maturity as I am. So I want to thank you for helping me add a new dimension to my prayer life.
Malori, 23


What Girls are Saying — Kayla

7 Jan

LOVE this review from Kayla to start our New Year because like she said, we are NOT alone in what we are feeling and going through in life…Hope that Julia’s story in the Mr. Right Series encourages you as much as it did Kayla!

I finished this book in 3 days, I could not put the book down. It intrigued me so much to realize I am not the only girl who probably goes through this stuff, and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I am 100% Julia. I could literally be her twin. I have been having the same issues about boys etc.. and it just reminded me that I need to focus more on Jesus than dating right now. : )                          Kayla (Project Inspired website, book club)

What Girls are Saying —Vanessa

10 Dec

amazon review 12:5:12 Vanessa

Such fun to find reviews like this about Julia’s story in the Mr. Right Series! (I hope to meet you one day, Vanessa! )

Our three novels make great gifts, so keep that in mind as you’re picking out Christmas presents this year! : )

If you’ve read our novels like Vanessa, we’d love to hear from you, too. Just email us a few lines of what you thought of Julia’s story, and we may post them here! In fact, we’re starting a new segment, Reader of the Month, where we ask readers about 5 q’s (a couple random ones as well as thoughts about Julia’s story)—and then feature them on this blog, so keep an eye out for that… (We’ll explain how YOU can apply to be our Reader of the Month as well.)

Also, my telling girls about the novels has some impact, but YOUR telling girls about the novels can make a HUGE impact! So if you could take a few minutes, we’d love to have you help spread the word about Julia’s story! Feel free to leave reviews on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and even highlight the series on your Facebook wall! (Have you liked our Mr. Right Series page yet? You can like it right now in the tool bar to the right, if you want! Hint, hint ; )

Thanks for helping us help more girls through Julia’s story!

We love you and are praying for you this week! Only 15 days until Christmas! Ahhhhh!


Lisa & Barbara